Master the art of handling failure in Ruby

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What You'll Find

  • A detailed look at the lifecycle of a Ruby exception.
  • Overriding Kernel#raise for fun and profit.
  • Alternatives to exceptions, for when "fail fast" isn't the right answer.
  • How to write a crash logger.
  • Advanced dynamic exception matching in rescue clauses.
  • Avoiding failure cascades with the Barricade and Circuit Breaker patterns.
  • 5 questions to ask before raising an exception.
  • Exception safety testing for critical methods.
  • How to create an error API for your library that will make other developers want to kiss you.
  • The 3 exception classes every app or library needs.
  • And much, much more... over 100 pages of tips, guidelines, and awesome hacks!

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Exceptional Ruby is an in-depth guide to exceptions and failure handling in Ruby. Over 100 pages of content and dozens of working examples cover everything from the mechanics of how exceptions work to how to design a robust failure management architecture for your app or library. Whether you are a Ruby novice or a seasoned veteran, Exceptional Ruby will help you write cleaner, more resilient Ruby code.

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My Name is Avdi Grimm. I've been hacking on Ruby code for 10 years, and I'm still loving it! I've spoken at numerous Ruby conferences and user groups, and I write about Ruby gotchas, guidelines, and style (among other things) at my blog, Virtuous Code. I run ShipRise, a consultancy specializing in sustainable software development and facilitating geographically dispersed agile teams. I live in York County, Pennsylvania with my wife and four children.

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